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ID Corporation

Event production (Planning and Running)

ID Corporation plans and produces many types of events with private companies, public institutions, and other organizations in different fields.
We can also dispatch our event director to efficiently run a conference or event.
ID Corporation works with partner companies specialized in editing audio and mixing a narration with background music, producing videos, voiceover work, music selection, and so on. We make total arrangements with these partners to thoroughly prepare for contingencies at upcoming events.  Mistakes are pre-empted and requests are met.
Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry or question about an event.
Tokyo Minato Festival management


The Tokyo Minato Festival is celebrated to memorialize the opening of the Port (Minato) of Tokyo, Japan’s international port of trade, on May 20, 1941. The festival is held at and around the Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal on the Saturday and Sunday coinciding with the May 20 anniversary. Festival visitors explore a public exhibition of unique ships, board ships, take part in the “Look! Touch! Tokyo Port” event, shop at the Tokyo Port Bazaar, watch performances by live bands and singers on stage, and witness colorful jets of water projected from fire boats in the magnificent Pageant of Water-against-Fire. ID Corporation has been commissioned to operate and manage the festival and related events since 2008. About ten million people, mainly families, visit the Tokyo Minato Festival every year.


Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival

Support for the interpretation and simultaneous interpretation systems at the event


The Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival was commenced in 1989 to memorialize the centenary of Yamagata City.

ID Corporation helps plan and run the festival.

It is held every two years to share unique and outstanding documentary films of recent decades. Video and film industry insiders from all over the world attend.


ID event organizers work with the conference secretariat on site in Yamagata, mainly to produce dubbed versions of cinematic and video productions, accept studio requests from overseas, and provide interpreters for simultaneous interpretation.

Find out more about the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival.

Japanese society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (JaSPCAN) Meeting anagement


The Japanese Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (JaSPCAN) was inaugurated to research the prevention of child abuse and neglect. The society took its current name quite recently, in January of 2014. The JaSPCAN mission is to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect by developing both basic and practical research, promoting collaboration with public and private agencies, and raising public awareness ID Corporation supports JaSPCAN as a secretariat for its annual meeting, a decision-maker on presentation topics, and general meeting preparations.


We also served as the overseas liaison for JaSPCAN’s international congress, ISPCAN, in 2014.


Other congresses


2009 Saitama Congress

2011 Ibaraki Congress

2012 Kochi Ryoma Congress

2013 Shinshu Congress

2014 World Congress for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect in Nagoya 2014

2015 Niigata Congress


Learn more about JaSPCAN .

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