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About Us

Since 1977, ID Corporation is taking a wide range of roles to communicate with countries all over the world, focusing on the “Words” business including translation mainly. We have a wealth of experience and know-how in every field, business translation, publication translation, video & drama translation, and interpreting of international conferences. That makes it possible for ID Corporation to get much support, faith, and trust from many clients. We are a Service Company of "Words",ID Corporation.


160-0005 東京都新宿区愛住町22 第3山田ビル 6F


Daisan Yamada Bldg. 6F, Aizumi-cho 22

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0005, JAPAN


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Telephone :03-3357-1189

Facsimile:    03-3357-4489

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