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ID Corporation

Monday to Friday: 9:30 am to 17:30 pm



ID Corporation provides three mainstay services: translation and interpreting, event production, and education business.                             We continuously support the businesses of our customers with Words customized to our customers’ various needs.


Event production


Our event planners are specialized in producing lavish, meaningful events that create new culture and communications.


- Originating and planning the event

- Writing a script for the event

- Producing an opening video

- Producing a soundtrack and sound environment


- Planning out the stage lighting and arranging the event staff


- Providing an acoustic engineers

- Proposing special effects for the stage

- Providing operations staff

- Providing a bilingual emcee, moderator,

  and so on

Translation and Interpreting


We offer high-quality translations backed by our expertise in various fields. Our translators specialize in texts of all types, from websites and catalogs to medical literature and manuals for computers or machines. No field is too obscure or specialized for the translators we engage.          Feel free to contact us when you need to translate a book or another type of publication. Our interpreters are experienced in events and occasions of many types. Call us when you need:  ・An interpreter with specialized knowledge in advanced  

  technology when an important client comes to Japan.    ・An interpreter to support a meeting on IT technology.    ・An interpreter experienced in international conferences    held in languages such as Japanese, English, German, and   French.  


We lend out translation equipment for conferences and provide engineers to operate them.                  Feel free to contact us to inquire about this service.


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