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Monday to Friday: 9:30 am to 17:30 pm


ID Corporation

  Total Pricing
Prices for translation

English into Japanese: Following is our price for 400 characters of translated Japanese.


Japanese into English: The above price is for 200 English words translated from Japanese.


As a rule of thumb, 350-400 Characters in Japanese translates into 200 words in English.


If you are interested in translations to or from other languages, please contact us.

Japanese from English ......... 3,000 yen

English from Japanese ..........5,000 yen


Price for interpretation

Our interpretation rates are based on the time spent:


・9:00 am to 17:00 pm

・All-day service : 8 hours

・Half-day service : 4 hours

・An interpreter requires at least one hour of rest.

Prices for standard interpreting

(per interpreter)


English simultaneous interpretation, all-day service: 100,000 yen

English simultaneous interpretation, half-day service: 70,000 yen

English consecutive interpretation, all-day service: 100,000 yen

English consecutive interpretation, half-day service: 60,000 yen

Prices can be changed, depending on who is assigned for interpreting.



Extra fees may be charged if an interpreter needs to thoroughly read materials to better understand the contents of a meeting in advance. Fees for transportation, travel time, and accommodations are charged when an interpreter attends a meeting overseas or in a remote part of Japan.

Charge for use of the studio

Visit our video/audio studio on the same floor as our main office to subtitle or dub a film or take on other studio project.

Voice (mixing a narration with background music) studio .......... 13,000 yen

(per 1 hour)


Video editing studio ........ 23,000 yen

(per 1 hour)


※ An 8% consumption tax (VAT) is added to the prices listed.

●Checking and rewriting by natives

  Skilled writers proofread, edit, and rewrite documents in their native languages to attain a clear and natural prose style of  

  native quality. 



  Native copywriters complete catalogs, advertisement copy, and magazine articles for overseas audiences to communicate unique   and compelling messages.


●Audiotyping (Transcription)

  We transcribe video and audiotape recordings of meeting minutes and interviews into written text. We can prepare transcripts  in both Japanese and overseas languages.



  In addition to changing the language, we can also create an entirely new layout.


  Feel free to contact us if you would like to request illustrations or editing of originals by scanning.


●Creating websites in several languages

  We translate our clients’ websites into other languages and localize them for domestic audiences.


●Video translation and video narration

  Visit our video/audio studio on the same floor as our main office to subtitle or dub a film or take on other studio project.


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