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Methods and equipment for language interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting         

An interpreter at an international conference, seminar, or lecture meeting must have flawless language skills and the ability to think fast on his or her feet.

Interpretation equipment is often needed.

Interpreters usually work in shifts of only 15 minutes.


Interpreter teams of 2 to 4 persons are usually engaged for major events. As one interpreter interprets, the others recuperate and re-energize for their coming shifts. We also provide a whispered interpreting service for business negotiations. In this service, the interpreter whispers into the ears of the persons who need to understand.

Consecutive interpreting

This is the most accurate method for interpreting negotiations, meetings, and seminars.


After a speaker speaks, the interpreter interprets what the speaker has spoken into another language.


Note that a consecutive interpretation takes longer because the interpreter speaks after the original speaker has finished.

Simultaneous interpreting system with an infrared communication function

In addition to arranging the interpreters, ID Corporation can also lend out equipment for simultaneous interpreting.


We can set up a full-fledged interpreting system for your event, complete with a transmission unit, receivers, recording deck, interpreting booth, and an engineer to install the system and operate it as the event proceeds.

“Pana-Guide,” a basic simultaneous interpreting system for smaller events

“Pana-Guide” is a simple simultaneous interpreting system convenient for a meeting or negotiation with a smaller group in a smaller space.  

The one-way system with a transmitter & receiver is very easy to use. Our services are fully customizable to the customer’s needs. Some customers may only need the equipment, while others require full-fledged support with interpreters, an interpreting booth, and an engineer.


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